What is the difference between Lawn Care and Landscaping?

As the name itself suggests, Lawn care is just taking care of an already established garden. Lawn care involves some routine seasonal tasks like trimming and edge, weed removal and fertilizing, mowing and watering, etc., On the other hand, Landscaping is the act of transforming an outdoor area by plantation, construction or reorganizing. Landscaping involves the installation of new architectures, plants and other structures in the specified area. Briefly speaking Lawn care is just 15 to 20 minutes of work, but landscaping is time-consuming and requires extensive knowledge, creative thinking, and professional experience. Know the exact difference between lawn care and landscaping in this article.

Lawn Care

Lawn care comes into picture only when there is a garden present in the area. To Keep up a lawn’s health and beauty a typical lawn care company will offer the following services.

Lawn Mowing: This service includes mowing the grass areas completely, trimming, edging of hard surfaces, and cleaning up all the garbage.

Fertilization and Weed Control: One of the important services. Well, balanced fertilizers are needed for the lawn to grow healthier and we also weeds need to be removed from time to time.

Clean Ups: Cleanups are usually conducted in Spring and Fall seasons to remove the fallen leaves, accumulated debris, and other little tasks in the front and backyard lawns of your home.

Aeration: This is a process to remove some small cores from the lawn for eliminating thatch, loosening up the soil, which allows water and nutrients to get deeper into the ground.

Dethatching: This involves the thatch removal in the lawn to prevent the spread of fungus in the garden.

Pruning: This is a method of removing broken and sucker branches and dead wood to maintain the health and appeal of the lawn.


Landscaping is the art of planning, designing and converting any area into a beautiful place to stroll on. It Involves plantation and caring for the plants. Hardscaping and installation of various structures like walkways, patios, pavers, decks, and added decorations like pools, fountains, etc., to grab the attention of your guests.

There are numerous activities in Landscaping. Good landscaping activities should perfectly suit the style of your house. The following are some of the elements of good landscaping :

  • Green Trees with Flowers and Shade
  • Foundation Plantings
  • Walking paths in the Lawn
  • Driveways for vehicles
  • Planting Beds
  • Garden Sculptures
  • Fencings and Fountains
  • Ponds and Outdoor Patios.

Why is Landscaping Important?

Plants and ponds in your landscape give a sense of relief from the stress and tension that we have daily. A yard filled with trees provides you fresh air with no pollutants.

Following are the significant benefits of Landscaping :

Economic Benefits :

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Makes your home more eye-catchy
  • Commercial offices with high-quality landscapes gain more rent in the market.

Health Benefits :

  • Makes your home healthier
  • Reduce the stress levels of your house residents
  • front yard landscape gives scope for privacy
  • Walking in an environment with trees and plants could improve your memory and attention.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduces the local floods
  • It helps you stay hotter in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Reduces soil degradation and increase the underground water level
  • Grass and plants take in Carbon dioxide, break it down to release oxygen and in turn help you and your neighbors to breathe pure air.
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