Five Natural Ways to Repair Brown Grass from Dog Pee

Unfortunately, with happy dog rampage come happy dog peerage. The acid and nitrogen in the dog pee burns the grass and leaves brown dog urine spots all over our combined lawns. There are several chemical and food additive solutions to this problem but my neighbors and I prefer a natural approach.

Five organic remedies to repair those brown dog urine burns on your lawn that will not harm you or your dog.

1. Train your dog to potty in one area of your yard. This is easier if you have a female dog because female dogs generally like to piddle in the same place, (so the boy dogs always know where to go to read the girl dog’s pee-mail.) A boy dog might need a little more incentive to potty in one area of your yard. In that case, try using a non-toxic pheromone-treated yard stake to encourage your boy to hit the same spot such as the Simple Solutions Pee Post. I’m a bit of a traditionalist in this regard, I prefer the aesthetic quality of the pee post Fire Hydrant.

2. Hose down the pee spot with enough water to dilute the acid in the urine and wash it away. The downside of this method is that you must use enough water to flush the entire area of urine (female dog urine is more acidic than male dog urine.) I don’t use enough water you’ll only end up diluting the urine spot with water. Then your random brown patches will turn into random dark green patches because the nitrogen in the dog pee has been diluted to the point that it helps your grass instead of burning it.

3. Neutralize the nitrogen with baking soda. This is my preferred method because I don’t have to stalk the dogs in the backyard with a hose waiting for them to pee. Pouring 2 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in a gallon of water on a burn spot neutralizes the concentrated amounts of ammonia and nitrogen that’s in the dog urine and burns the grass. The grass comes back green and healthy and I don’t have to worry about the dogs walking through a yard full of lawn chemicals and possibly ingesting something toxic when they lick their paws.

4. Plant clover instead of grass. This one won’t fly with my Homeowner’s Association but it may work for you. Clover doesn’t turn brown and burn when a dog pees on it. A clover lawn its perfect for lazy or environmentally conscious gardeners because:

  • Clover doesn’t need as much water or as often as grass does for it to stay green.
  • The cover doesn’t need mowing as often as grass.
  • Clover doesn’t need fertilizers like grass.
  • Clover naturally fixes any extra nitrogen you may have in your soil (aka from dog urine.)

5. Give your dog a lawn to call their own. One of Blitzkrieg’s quirks is that he will only potty on grass. No mulch, clover, or potty pads for my boy! In that case, the PetZoom Pet Park Indoor Pet Potty may work for him and help me save my tiny lawn.


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