Winter Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to winter lawn care, there are a few things you can do to ensure your lawn will be beautiful and lush once spring arrives. Preparing your lawn for winter will keep it healthy so it’s ready for spring. The tasks to focus on depending on where you live and what kind of […]

How to Care for the Lawn in Winter

In most parts of the country, lawn grass goes dormant in the winter. In the south, cool-season ryegrass is often overseeded into the turf to maintain a green lawn. In the north, it’s too cold for any grass to grow, so we wait patiently for spring, sometimes under snow cover, sometimes not. However, lawn care doesn’t […]

How to Winterize Your Lawn

TOOLS rake core aerator garden hose lawn spreader MATERIALS fertilizer cool season grass seed STEP 1 Debbie Spread the Fertilizer Apply fertilizer with a spreader, available at home stores. A walk-behind or motorized spreader is more accurate than a hand-held version. As you move the machine back and forth over the grass, grip the handle […]

Arborist advice: Preparing your client’s landscape for winter

One of the best things you can do to ensure a beautiful, healthy and thriving spring landscape is to properly put your client’s yard and plants to bed now before the harsh weather arrives. Whether you’re mourning summer’s end or unpacking your winter boots in anticipation of cooler days, these tips will help you prioritize what needs […]

Winter Garden and Landscape Care

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t—or shouldn’t—get into your yard and garden. In the North, it’s mostly about protecting your lawn, garden, and landscape from harsh winter conditions. In the South, it’s time for general maintenance and to plant cool-weather annuals. North Prune the correct deciduous trees and shrubs. Some deciduous trees and shrubs benefit from dormant […]

Lawn Care in Winter

Lawn preparation for winter is one of the most important gardening tasks that must be done in time and correctly. Adequate fertilization, mowing and removing weeds and debris provide the healthy lawn appearance, but there are a few other things you should do, which are given below. 1. Weeding To find a perfect lawn in […]


Winter can wreak havoc on lawns, particularly in regions of the country that experience snow and ice. If you live in a cool or cold winter climate, take these steps to protect your plants, trees, and shrubs from snow, ice, winds, and winter temperatures. Prepare Your Lawn For a Longer Winter’s Nap Rake leaves and […]

Alternatives to Bagging Your Leaves

As the leaves begin to fall, your love-hate relationship with your rake returns. If you find yourself dreading bagging all those leaves, there’s an alternative disposal method that might be a good solution for you, according to LocalHarvest. When you throw away fallen leaves, you are also tossing out vital nutrients that your garden, lawn, and […]

7 Things Your Lawn May Be Trying to Tell You

“I’m Thirsty!” If you can see your footprints in the lawn after you’ve walked through the grass, that’s a sign your grass is starting to wilt. Translation: It needs water. This is most likely to happen in the dog days of summer when the heat takes a serious toll on turfgrass. So drag out those sprinklers, […]

8 Steps On How To Fertilize Lawn Perfectly

Have you ever wanted to start mending your lawn but feel overload with too much information? Dreaded by many homeowners, this task as keeping grass healthy and beautiful involves several factors. But fear not, knowing the most basic tips can surely make a big difference on your journey to a greener lawn. Things you will […]