Why Do Some Graduate Landscape Architects Have a Poor Understanding of Planting?

Article by Kamil Rawski In this article we examine what knowledge young professionals lack about planting that every landscape architect shouldknow. In the pursuit of a landscape architecture degree, students have the opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge on planting, but as with other subjects there are some students who take this issue more seriously than others. Very often creating […]

Top picks at RHS Hampton Court 2017

The exhibit that really caught my eye at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Show was “The Charleston Garden” (above) – one of three very different ‘potted’ landscapes exhibiting under the Great Gardens of the USA banner. Wonderful planting, a fountain that you cannot miss, and a sense of serenity that you’d expect to find […]

4 Tips to Get Your Fall Crops off to a Perfect Start

Now that I’ve harvested my garlic, onions, and potatoes, there is plenty of open space for new plantings. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to restart your garden with vegetables that grow well during the odd summer-to-fall season. The fall vegetable season really is backward compared to spring, with hot days that are getting shorter, […]


The height of summer in the kitchen garden at The Montagu Arms Hotel, Beaulieu The kitchen at The Montagu Arms Hotel in Beaulieu, Hampshire, produces award-winning top quality food, much of which is enhanced by gourmet ingredients grown in the hotel’s pretty vegetable garden. Take a leaf out of head chef Matthew Tomkinson’s book and […]

What Placeholder Plants Can Do For You

When I finally grasped the concept of placeholder plants, it changed my life. Well, what I mean is, it reduced my garden maintenance load and I enjoyed my garden more, with less work. Not precisely life-changing, but definitely life-improving. What the heck are placeholder plants? A placeholder plant is a garden-worthy plant that you happen […]

More Than Just a Garden Beauty: How to Dry, Use, and Grow Calendula

There are a lot of great reasons to grow Calendula. In addition to their bright orange and yellow daisy-like blooms which bring cheer to the garden, Calendula attracts good insects like bees and butterflies while deterring unwanted pests. But most importantly, Calendula has a long-standing reputation as a natural anti-inflammatory skin care treatment. It’s easy to grow, harvest, and dry in […]

What Are Galax Plants: Growing Galax Plants In Gardens

What are Galax plants and why should you consider growing them in your garden? Read on to learn how to grow Galax. Galax Plant Information Also known as beetleweed or wandflower, Galax (Galax urceolata) is a low-growing evergreen native to the Eastern United States – primarily in the deep or moderate shade of the Appalachian […]