From Frost to Flourish: Unleashing Your North American Spring Landscape’s Potential

As winter’s icy grasp loosens its hold, the North American landscape awakens with a symphony of colors, beckoning landscaping aficionados, contractors, and homeowners alike to embrace the season of renewal. It’s time to shed the winter layers and reveal the untapped potential awaiting beneath the surface. This year let’s transcend routine maintenance and embark on […]

February gardening tasks – to ensure a gorgeous spring and summer

No matter the size of your planting space, you can lay the groundwork now for a beautiful display in the warmer months Gardening in February is all about enjoying signs of spring and getting ready for the growing season. Whether you have a single window ledge, a balcony or a whole garden to play with, […]

February. what to do in the garden?

What to do in the garden in February–is this some kind of a joke? Here’s a thing I like to do in February: sit by the fire and look at the garden through a window. However. If you (or I) can find the motivation to throw on a coat, a hat, gloves, a heavy woolen […]

Late Winter Landscaping Tips

While it seems like cold days will never end, the warmer temperatures will soon be here once again. The transition from winter to spring is often a welcomed change of seasons as green shoots begin sprouting from the ground and buds start forming on branches. As we wait for spring’s arrival, we can help give […]

A Must-Do’s for January 2021!

2021 – lots to look forward to, including new gardening projects! We’ve collected our top January to-do’s to keep your garden healthy and ready for a gorgeous Spring.   1. Clean Up and Start Planning Spring Projects Can you believe that our South Texas Spring is only about 45 days away! Pleasant weather brings the itch to […]

January Gardening To-Do List

  In the South, January continues to bring welcome relief from the heat to plants and gardeners alike. Take advantage by growing cool-season vegetables and cool-season annuals and by undertaking garden chores too vigorous to take on in summer. For Northerners, January is another matter altogether, due to the wintry weather it brings: It is your gardening off-season. This […]

Taking Care of Lawns in Winter

Taking care of the Lawn in January January is an ideal time to take petrol mowers in to be serviced and have the blades sharpened. Mowers will need to be in good working order before you start the new season’s mowing.   The main job in winter is to ensure that leaves and other debris […]

Holiday Greetings for Clients in Light of COVID-19

This holiday season is a time fraught with emotion, grief and loss Check the holiday card aisle in your favorite store or catalog as you ship for cards to send to your clients. You’ll see “Happy Holidays,” “Happy Hanukkah” and “Merry Christmas.” They are all messages of light and joy. Yet the holidays are not […]


The lawn may be the largest part of your garden landscape. From seeding and mowing to weeding and raking autumn leaves, you do your best to keep it looking lush and lovely, and take pride in the accomplishment. And once those leaves are cleared away, it’s goodbye to lawn chores until spring, right? Wrong. Even […]