November – Lawn Care – Seasonal Gardening

There is a lot of work that goes into preparing your lawn for winter. For you to get a better idea of how much you need to invest in your coming months, we have put together a list of eight essential fall lawn care tips so that you can be sure you have completed all […]

Landscaping Tips for November

With the recent time change along with a change in temperatures, landscaping practices for pests need some adjusting too. We’re sharing a few recommended tasks to help prevent insect pests, diseases, and environmental disorders in landscapes. Looking for additional tips? You can subscribe to our Seasonal Landscape IPM Checklist for monthly landscaping reminders delivered straight to your email inbox. […]


Fall gardening chores tend to have a “bedtime” theme – before your plants begin their long winter’s nap, they need to be tended and tucked cozily into their beds. Fall gardening is also an exercise in delayed gratification – new plants will barely put down roots before going dormant, cleaned and amended beds won’t show […]

To-Do List November Gardening

How gleefully you view November gardening really comes down to where you live. Northerners are saddled with a lot of chores that they do not much care for in November. But Southerners delight in the cool days and slower pace of fall vegetable gardening. Even if your garden is already threatened by snow, though, it is […]

Landscape and Garden Tips for November

November may not be a prime gardening season, but there’s still a lot of work and preparation you can do in your garden during this month. Preparing it for the colder weather to come can be especially important in areas that freeze. This blog contains lots of landscape and garden tips for you to follow […]