7 Best Lawn Care Related Business ideas for 2020

There are loads of unskilled services or better still semi-skilled service businesses that can be started in any part of the world and one such business is lawn care. Lawn care business just like landscaping is not one of those businesses that someone can start and make a huge profit from without truly working pretty hard and smart. People who have the time and tools that can handle their lawn makes it a bit challenging to make a fortune from this business.

Any entrepreneur who intends starting his or her lawn care-related business must be very creative and must be ready to go the extra mile to convince clients that he or she can deliver an excellent job and he or she must prove beyond every reasonable doubt that they are competent, honest and trustworthy.

Just like landscaping businesses, lawn care business falls into the category of seasonal businesses; the industry experiences downtime during the winter. The demand for lawn care services is usually at its peak in the spring, generally between April and October. This is why lawn care companies are always everywhere sourcing for business deals within this period of the year.

Although lawn care business may not be amongst the money-spinning businesses in the industry, they have a very large market in the US. Statistics have it that the United States green industry (lawn and landscape maintenance, landscape contractors, landscape architects, irrigation contractors, and lawn and landscape product suppliers) generates roughly $67 billion to $69 billion annually.

PLANET estimates that the landscaping services sector alone generates about 704,000 jobs and $35.6 million in value-added services annually in the US. If you are interested in starting a lawn care-related business, then here are 50 best lawn care related business ideas that you can choose from;

7 Best Lawn Care Related Business ideas for 2020

  1. Lawn Care Services Company

If you are considering starting a lawn care-related business, one of the most popular business ideas that readily comes to mind is starting a lawn care company. A lawn care company is a company that takes care of the lawn of its clients.

It could be the lawn of a residential building, business premises, school or even a football pitch. Even though lawn care business might not be amongst the money-spinning businesses in the US, but they have a very large market. All they need to do is to convince property owners, corporate organizations and the government to patronize their services.

  1. Landscaping Company

Starting a landscaping company is, of course, another good lawn care related business that an entrepreneur should consider starting. Landscaping services might not be an essential service, but the fact remains that it has a role to play when it comes to beautifying our environment.

Landscapers are in the business of given total aesthetic effects in and around our neighborhood. It is not enough to plant flowers in your compound and just watch them grow; you need to hire a professional landscaping company to help you bring out the beauty in your environment. So, if you are considering starting a lawn care-related business, then one of your best options is to start a landscaping company.

  1. Landscape Architecture Company

Another lawn care related business idea that an aspiring entrepreneur with the required training should consider is a landscape architecture company. Starting a landscape architecture company requires that you acquire related architecture training and certifications before you can comfortably operate the company. A landscape architecture company is a company that applies architecture expertise in designing landmark landscapes.

  1. Landscape Construction Contractor

Similar to landscape architecture company is starting a landscape construction company or becoming a landscape construction contractor. Landscape construction contractors are involved in the construction of landscapes for clients.

Good enough, the government at all levels are the major clients for landscape contractors. So, if you have the required expertise and you are looking towards starting a lawn care related business, then you can settle for a landscape construction company or become a landscape contractor.

  1. Start an Irrigation Systems Construction Company

Starting an irrigation systems construction company is yet another worthwhile and money-making lawn care related business that an aspiring entrepreneur that is trained in that regard should consider. The fact that lawn needs regular water to stay green and flourishing makes irrigation system construction necessary. Irrigation is the artificial means of watering a lawn.

So, if you are looking for a lawn care-related business to start, then you should consider starting an irrigation systems construction company. Just ensure that you enter a business partnership with key stakeholders such as landscape construction companies, landscape architecture services companies and lawn care companies amongst others.

  1. Tree Cutting, Trimming and Maintenance Company

Another good and easy to set up lawn care related business that requires little skills and of course low startup capital is tree cutting, trimming and maintenance services company. A lawn care related business that helps clients to cut their trees when required, trim their trees and maintain the trees by ensuring that it is growing and following the pattern that is expected by the owner of the tree or even the landscape construction contractor.

  1. Chemical Lawn Care and Pest Control Services Company

Starting a chemical lawn care and pest control company is yet another viable lawn care related business that is open to aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in the industry.

Chemical lawn care and pest control companies engage in taking professional care of lawns by ensuring that the most appropriate chemical is used to kill pests that are likely going to eat or affect the outlook of the lawn. Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species of insects, animals or birds defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person’s health, the ecology or the economy.

So, if you are looking for a lawn care-related business to start, then one of your options is to start a company that is into chemical lawn care and pest control services. To do pretty well with this line of business, then you must be willing to partner with facility managers, lawn care and landscaping services companies.

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